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One Size

For all types of hair

  • Waterproof and optional vibrating plate
  • Touch Sensor digital control to indicate the current temperature that can
    • Adjust the temperature from 100 up to 450 °F according to your preference
    • Turn on or off the vibration function.
  • GMJ heating element heats up fast while floating tourmaline ceramic plates distribute heat well and protect hair with negatively charged ions.
  • 90-minute auto shut off safety
  • Approximately 9 ft. long cord gives total flexibility
  • 360° anti-winding power code
  • Multi-functional for straightening and curling style

Product Description

GMJ flat iron can produce a different  in the end result and will also help the treatment to last longer due to their vibration technology which helps the treatment solutions penetrate deep inside the hair.  The waterproof plates can be used on both the wet and dry hairs and the flat iron has the touch sensor digital control to turn on and off the vibration function as well as to adjust the temperature according to your preference.

The vibrating plate technology helps realign damaged hair and closes raised cuticles for a shiny, smooth appearance in half the time. The floating ceramic tourmaline plates emit negative ions to eliminate frizz and static by smoothing and closing the cuticle layer. Negative ions also work to seal in the natural moisture of each strand, helping protect hair from heat damage.


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